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ECOSTEEL (SA) is an internationally renowned company with a leading position in the construction and metalwork sectors in both the national and international markets.

Based in Porto surroundings, Ecosteel stands out for its leadership position reached in the national and international market of construction and metalworking sector through value and solutions associated with the most varied activities, from development of frame systems to artistic installations and even design. Since its foundation in 2013, it has been managed by the entrepreneur José Maria Ferreira, whose professional career has over 30 years of experience in the construction sector. Ecosteel represents a success case and a unique growth, which is reflected in the increase of the initial workforce of about 30 collaborators to the current 250.

In 5 years, Ecosteel Group represents an investment of around 15M€ and achieves a solid and referenced position in the market through its strategy based on the combination of research, technology, industry and customized solutions, which promote the highest design, comfort and safety requirements.

Ecosteel is the owner and founder company of OTIIMA | MUCH MORE THAN A WINDOW.


The satisfaction of each collaborator contributes to the success of a company.

ECOSTEEL group aims at contributing towards the well-being and human capital values of its team. We believe that confidence and motivation, results in responsibility, dedication and commitment. To boost this, health and beauty services which include, a private restaurant and gym, yoga classes, physiotherapy massages, a barber, language classes and professional training are some of the perks made available to all ECOSTEEL staff members.

Developing professional expertise will also makes our human capital more productive and more innovative. Consequently, training employees to perform very specific job tasks effectively can be both demanding and challenging. To ensure we keep our high standards Ecosteel now has a professional training department dedicated to Professional Development: the Ecosteel Academy.

The professional training service at Ecosteel was until now only made available internally—to our employees. However, considering our background and expertise, as well as the need for training in the job market, we wish to extend this service to the external public through quality training that will develop the skills of the trainees in order to meet their training requirements in the following areas: Metallurgy and metalworking; Electronics and automation; Building and repairing motor vehicles; Material Industries (wood, cork, paper, plastic, glass and others); Building and civil engineering.

All of our professional courses are entirely face-to-face and certified by DGERT (General Directorate for Employment and Labor Relations).


ECOSTEEL is recognized for its audacity, visionary approach and for the establishment of synergies and partnerships, that are reflected on the group of the following associated companies:


Multidisciplinary project and development team dedicated to façade systems. The company stands for its strong technical and innovative abilities.


Non-profit association that develops and manufactures works of art, projects, and exhibitions, with a collaborative and experimental attitude.


Restaurant headed by the Chef José Guimarães with personalized everyday meals that reinforce well-being, health and feed the soul.

Company dedicated to the production of modular floating houses with a wide range of engineering and design features. GOFRIDAY’s houseboats are associated with nautical and water sports activities, delivering a new concept of leisure and water living.


Construction company dedicated to new buildings and real state rehabilitation, that offers a wide range of specialized services linking innovation and technology.

Company dedicated to the total restoration and upkeep of antique and classic cars, that aims to approach the original condition with exactitude. This project also has an internal formative component and concern in the education of young people.

Company dedicated to the commercialization and assembly of high-quality framing systems in PVC, aluminium and wood, with a classical design expression.


Entity dedicated to the design and production of high-density foam pieces, by means of an innovative coating process.


Company responsible for the creation and manufacturing of constructive solutions produced in composite materials such as fibre and resins.

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